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Freddie’s Gone To The Birds!


Well it appears Freddie has met up with some new friends. Some birds have joined him in the house and invited him to sit up on some lights to relax for the day. Freddie looks a little uneasy sitting up on the edge to the light like he is, but it gives him a bird’s […]

Abominable Trouble!


Well looks like Freddie got himself cleared of any problems he may have created messing with Father Time, but in the process he must have been a bit late checking in or heading back because he attracted the attention of the Abominable. The Abominable must have snuck in after Freddie and surprised him. Turns out […]

Freddie Plays With Time


Well I guess when Freddie met up with his friends last night, somebody must have mentioned that Christmas is approaching fast and they are going to miss all the fun they are having. Freddie must be thinking the same cause it looks like he tried to play with time. Well it is one thing to […]

Freddie Spreads Some Love


Well Freddie must have met our wonderful grumpy snowman. For being a snowman he is always complaining about the snow, his nose, and which side of the snow bank he woke up on.

Freddie must have heard all of this snowmans complaining and is trying to spread some Christmas cheer on him. Hope it works […]

Freddie’s Back!


Well it appears that Freddie has returned for another Christmas season. He snuck in during the night and hid in the tree.

He was safely hidden there until about 8:30 this morning before Jakob finnally saw him. The kids were all excited to see Freddie back and are looking forward to the treats he has […]

Message From Santa Claus

Dear MacMillan Family,

Thanks for hosting one of my elves for the last month. I have come to understand that you had named him Freddie. I have heard much about how well behaved you all were, along with how well you listened to the rules from the book I had left. I do know that […]

Freddie’s Last Visit

Elf Day 34-2

Well the day has come, yes it’s Christmas Eve, and this is the last time the boys will see Freddie for the year. Freddie appears to of lost his captures from the other day and him and The Abominable are just kicking back and relaxing in the Christmas tree.

Freddie has gone out of his […]

Freddie Escapes His Captures

Elf Day 33-1

Well the boys awoke this morning to find Freddie still encased in his block. It appears that any attempt Freddie made to get away he was thwarted and re blocked in. As the day went on, Freddie managed to get himself free and partially rescue his friend The Abominable, but it did have a cost. […]

Freddie’s Been Blocked!

Elf Day 32-1

I hope that Freddie enjoyed watching over our room flips yesterday. I’m sure he talked all about it with his elf friends when he got back to the North Pole after his report. When Freddie got back it appears he got himself into trouble, yet again. The Abominable even tried to help Freddie out, but […]

Freddie and Abominable Reminisce

Elf Day 31-1

After a day long marshmallow fight, Freddie left for his nightly trip to the North Pole, by now I can just imagine the frequent flyer points Freddie has racked up. While he was gone, Abominable found himself a place to sit and look over the place. When Freddie returned I guess he felt like just […]

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